1000notes.com is the original Best of Tumblr blog (no direct affiliation with Tumblr itself). We pick out the very best posts on Tumblr and reblog them for you to enjoy. Follow to get the very best posts around, all posts have to have at least 1,000 notes before they are posted.

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Absolute Best Posts FAQ

Here are a few questions you may have, and the answers.

Q. How does it work?
A. 1000notes.com is a website that puts only the absolute best Tumblr’s posts up. The core requirements are that the post has at least 1,000 notes and that you are a follower (submissions to the 10knotes blog must have 10,000 notes). If your submission doesn’t meet these two guidelines I will delete it without looking at it.

Q. Why didn’t you put my post up??
A. There’s a lot of reasons why your post may not have made it. The number one reason is I didn’t see it (I receive over 300 submissions per day). Here are some of the other reasons: your post doesn’t have 1,000 notes; you are not a follower; it’s already been posted; it’s just not good enough (sometimes posts make it to 1,000 notes for whatever reason but it is still poor quality); it’s offensive to some people (such as a political or religious post); or if it’s not in English (most of my followers speak English, so it only makes sense that the post be in English).

Q. How do I submit?
A. Just go to the submit page, and enter your link. You’re done. DO NOT PUT THE ACTUAL POST IN THE SUBMISSION. For example, some people are submitting images that were in a post that received 1,000+ notes. The submission has to be a link, to the actual post that has 1,000 notes or more.

Q. Do you change credit in the post?
A. No, the post source is always left as is. I remove all of the extra notes and so forth that are in the post because it clutters the post up; sometimes I’ll leave notes that provide context to the post. The vital elements are never removed or edited.  If you believe one of your posts has been improperly credited, you may contact me and I’ll be glad to fix it.

Q. If somebody else submitted a post that I put up originally, can I message you to have the post edited to give me credit?
A. Yes. If you’re the origin of a post, you can always message me and I will add you as the original poster; I will keep the credit of the person who submitted the post and the blog I found it on (if listed). I will not reblog anything in order to provide proper credit, something which would be unfair to the 1000notes.com community; however, I will delete the post on request.

Q. How long does it take for my submission to appear?
A. If approved, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of weeks.  Some posts are put in the queue, some posts that I particularly like are posted immediately.

Q. What is the benefit of submitting a link?
A. Mainly, you are getting a large increase in hits and followers.  You will also get recognition for any post you originally created or posted.